Columbus :Restaurant: To-Do List

I am constantly reading Columbus magazines and newspapers such as 614, Columbus Monthly, C, alive, The Other Paper, The Dispatch- basically whatever I can my hands on around the city. One of my favorite parts of these publications is the restaurant guides and reviews. So, needless to say, this list will be never-ending and ever-growing…

Places I’d like to try in Columbus:

1. Skillet.Rustic.Urban.Food (German Village) I must try one of their sandwiches with a fried egg on top

2. Bodega (Short North) I know, no excuse but I still havent made it here. I’m determined to go on a Monday grilled cheese night.

3. Katalina’s Cafe Corner (Victorian Village)

4. Rigsby’s (Short North) one of my mom’s faves, Update: just found out the Rigsby’s also own Tasi = its now my top priority!

5. Columbus Fish Market (Grandview)

6. Mohawk (German Village)

7. Martini’s (Short North)

8.I’ll just save space and say any restaurants associated with Cameron Mitchell

9. Basil Thai (Short North)

10. Sunday morning brunch at Sage = Mimosa flight! (Olde North)

11. Cabo Cocina (Dublin)

12. River Park Restaurant (Confluence Park)

13. Nida’s Thai (Short North)

14. Mouton (Short North)

15. Nancy’s home cooking (Clintonville)

16. Katzinger’s (German Village) I know, lived here my whole life and never made it to “the best deli ever

17. Marshall’s (Grandview)

18. Ray Ray’s Hog Pit (Clintonville)

19. Bonefish Grill (Polaris)

20. Commonwealth sandwich bar (Short North)

Places I’ve tried but need to go back to (for blogging purposes of course):

1. G. Michael’s Bistro (German Village)

2. Black Creek Bistro (Olde Towne East) Love this place!

3. da Levee. (Short North) yummy cajun

4. Betty’s (Short North)

5. Tip Top Kitchen (Downtown)

6. Aladdins (Clintonville) my roomie and I consider it our go-to dinner

7. Elevator (Downtown) I went for my birthday and had the best Pecan crusted chicken ever

8. Press Grill (Short North) de-lish sandwiches and great place to eat at the bar

9. Aab India (Grandview) literally never had something I didn’t like

10. Z Cucina (Grandview) rich. decadent. amazing.

11. Melting Pot (Easton)

12. Yeah, Me Too coffee roasters (Clintonville)

13. PattyCake Bakery (Clintonville)

14. Thurman Cafe (German Village)

15. Junior’s Taco’s (Victorian Village)

16. Haiku (Short North)

17. Blue Danube (Olde North)

Places outside of Columbus I’d like to try:

1. Alinea and/or Next (Chicago) I’m a big fan of Tony Bourdain and followed a twitter link he had posted of an article about Grant Achatz. It was a great article and convinced me that someday I have to try his food. Achatz is a leader in the field of combining food and science (gastronomy) and his restaurants are super-exclusive. Alinea is nearly impossible to get into and Next (which is opening this month) has already starting selling tickets– a first for restaurants but how they plan on doing all the seating and reservations.

2. Flip Grill (Atlanta) and anything associated with Richard Blais… or any Top Chef chef or judge (Tom Collichio)

3. Any meal in Any Country with Anthony Bourdain- who I found this great drawing of!

…To Be Continued


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